There is no secret why most commercial buildings have flat roofs. They are a low-cost, energy-efficient roof choice. Designed to withstand years of use, flat roofing systems offer excellent protection for everything inside the commercial building. Flat roofs also free up valuable floor space by giving contractors and building designers extra space to store appliances like air conditioning and heating systems. Extra floor space adds a lot of value to any building.

Commercial roofing services are performed by our team of highly trained individuals who are dependable, precise, and courteous. Job satisfaction is our number one priority, and we work hard to make sure your commercial roof is leak-free, energy-efficient, and cost-effective. Take full advantage of our 100% free, no obligation roof estimate, and rest assured that your commercial roof will provide leak-free protection for years to come.

Common Flat Roof Problems

Even though flat roofs do provide a number of great benefits, they definitely come with some serious drawbacks. Leaks and puddles are the most common problems. Standing water on any type of roof is not a good sign. It is only a matter of time until that puddle seeps into the building below. Leaks are never a good thing, and if a leak happens to be in a central room where all of the computers are stored, just imagine the amount of damage that little leak can do.

Flat Roofs Can’t Withstand Harsh Weather and Constant Sunshine

Flat roofs also have to deal with constant abuse from the sun and weather elements. The sun’s harmful UV rays are great at breaking down the key components of a flat roof system, causing leaks and premature wear. It is inevitable that these very common problems will start to make themselves known. Even with proper maintenance, commercial flat roofs will inevitably need repairs.

Instant Benefits

The moment Gaco elastomeric roof coatings are applied, the problems cease to exist. You will immediately notice:

  • A sharp reduction in energy costs
  • Seamless, Leak-free roofing
  • Extended life for existing roof
  • No added deadweight
  • Huge cost savings with avoided roof replacement

It is like having a new roof installed for only a fraction of the price!

What Types of Flat Roofs Does This System Work With?
  • TPO roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Modified bitumen roofs
  • EPDM rubber roofs
  • Built-up roofing

Don’t wait for small, pesky problems to turn into big repair needs! Call us today , and we will be happy to give you a free roof estimate.

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