Metal roofs are an obvious choice for commercial roofs of all sizes. They are fairly easy to install. They are lightweight, and they are more than affordable. Even though metal roofs have all of these great qualities, they do have a few common problems that can start making themselves known in a short time frame. These common problems will leave building owners with high repair bills that can be recurring over time if left unaddressed. These problems include:

  • metal-roof-fasteners
  • metal-roof-waterproofing
  • Extensive leaks
  • Ponding or pools of water
  • Tears and punctures
  • Blow-offs

All of these common problems will require metal roof repair, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our full range of commercial roofing services include metal roof repairs. In addition, we have over 25 years of experience in repairing virtually every type of roof introduced to the market.

Metal Roof Restoration Services

Because customer service is a top priority, we offer complete metal roof restoration services. Not only is metal roof restoration the smart choice, but it is a highly affordable choice as well. Take a look at the benefits that our metal roof restoration services provide.

  • Substantial savings on cooling costs
  • Excellent protection from the harshest weather conditions
  • Increased roof lifespan for decades
  • Reduced roof maintenance and upkeep demands
  • Seamless, impenetrable roofing that guards against troublesome leaks
  • Reduced rooftop temperature and more comfortable interior space
  • ENERGY StarĀ® certification has tax benefits.

Keep Your Business Doors Open During Repairs

Our metal roof repair services allow you to keep running your business while we are doing our job. This is a huge advantage that roof removal does not allow. We will not disrupt your business operations in any way.

Other roof repair options may require you to close your doors for an extended time period. In turn, closed business doors mean increased business downtime and reduced productivity or reduced capability of meeting customer demand. You will lose revenue and if the job time frame is extensive enough, you may even lose customers. You do not have to fret with our services.

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